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Episode six starts off with Henrietta trying to contact Saito through the magic mirrors that connect their homes. What Henrietta doesn't know is that Louise had De Ornielle's mirror boarded up to prevent Saito from any temptation that may peer through. Meanwhile Saito and Louise happen to be looking at the mirror at the same time, but see nothing but the boards they put up to block the other side. Soon a shout of danger from outside causes them to run to gathering outside. A large pool of water is seen bubbling out of the ground, steaming the air. Saito explains the underground hot spring and its uses from back home. Delighted to see a piece of home once again Saito decides to throw a hot spring party for all of his friends. In preparation of the party Saito has the local villagers build up rocks and a wooden wall around the spring in order to give it a Japanese style.

Zero no tsukaima hotZero no tsukaima hot

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Saito Hiraga was having a bad day; his laptop broke and needed to be repaired. He would even need to get a part-time job in order to afford the repair and his day was about get a lot worse. He was suddenly whisked away to another world, falling several stories through the air and ending up as the servant as the worst wizard ever, Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere. Louise is a mage who not only has a terrible attitude but is also so bad at magic that her classmates at the Tristian Academy, a prestigious school for noble magicians, call her Louise the Zero. The day she is supposed to summon a familiar, a servant that will follow her with undying loyalty most often an animal, like a phoenix or dragon , she somehow summons lowly commoner dog from another world named Saito. After a long period of adjustment, the two begin to warm to each other what else would you expect from a romantic comedy? We also get a hell of a harem cast along on the way, with plenty of adventure and ecchi fun.
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4.6-A Chaotic Hot Spring

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One of those friends was Jake. We met in school, and, like me, he had also just graduated. We hung out a lot and got along very well, and I considered him to be one of my best friends, if not the best. It happened on a pretty awful day.

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